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Mmm Dreads [01 Jan 2010|12:10am]
almost 2 years

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Woah there, McLoopster! [01 Jan 2010|09:21am]
Just posting share my loopy-froopy locks at the 2-month-mark.

That is some serious texture I've got going on and it's awesome! Actually though, it does makes me a little nervous, the sheer quantity and size of some of my loops. I've tried to crochet in some of the more epic ones but that failed pretty miserably, so now I'm just gonna leave them be and hope they'll get sucked in to more manageable sizes before I try again.

Loopy McLoopster, ahoy!Collapse )
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Am I the only one that's excited about how rad "twenty ten" sounds? [01 Jan 2010|05:45pm]
Happy new years all of my little Gudu friends, I hope you had wonderful celebrations last night.

I sure did.

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new year of dreads [01 Jan 2010|10:50pm]
my bffl and I partied our butts off last night. her dreads are three and a half years old, mine are two and a half years old, and we always talk about putting pictures of us together up here on gudu, so last night we had a ridiculous drunk photo shoot after everyone else had left the party...

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