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Massive Maintence (First Attempt EVER) [02 Jan 2010|11:14am]
Unable to find anyone up here to do it, and recieving a crochet hook for christmas, I did a crap ton of maintence on my roots. Heres the results:
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lovin' my friends... [02 Jan 2010|11:29am]
[ mood | calm ]

thought i'd share. mike, lisa and i. we were joking that this looks like the new poster for the gay and lesbian alliance. ha! family time.Collapse )

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back to business as usual. [02 Jan 2010|12:56pm]
i got a new job. :) it's at another cafe a little farther downtown from where i'm working right now. i start jan 10th and hopefully they'll be able to give me the hours they promised during the interview and i can quit my current job.
i also redyed my hair and trimmed some scraggly hair that wasn't dreading. feel all pruned and such.

the first day of winter term starts tuesday. i'm in class from 9:30-5:00 that day. >.< i have at least 15 chapters of latin vocab to make into flashcards(this didn't seem so ambitious last month). this term is going to be a challenge, that's for sure.

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hope everyone had a good holiday season.
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[02 Jan 2010|03:51pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

I'm pretty happy with my dreads right now, I can't believe they'll be 2 years old on April 2nd. I'm trying to grow my roots out as long as I can stand before I touch them up/lighten them, probably right before this current job I have ends (working at home on someone's website) and I have to go into the world out and beg for a job in this shitty economy. Not excited.

and more behind the cut (a little depressing, here's warning)..Collapse )

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Change of a haircut [02 Jan 2010|08:10pm]
My dreads are 6,5 years old. I had been contemplating getting bangs for almost two years. But everytime I was too afraid to cut off the dreads that where needed to do so, so it didn't happen. I still felt the urge to change something about my hair, but without cutting off my dreads because I still love them. So I decided to dye them. But it wasn't dramatic enough. So last week I was standing in front of the mirror thinking 'what the hell, i should just do it'. So I did it. I can't believe how much lighter my head feels with only 10 dreads gone by the way. I can finally wear a ponytail without getting a headache. I'm happy.

Pictures of the dye and the cutCollapse )
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[02 Jan 2010|08:33pm]
Has been 5 years!

2009 timeline (lots of photos)Collapse )
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [02 Jan 2010|10:00pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

my lovelies are 6 years, currently indigo, blonde, and auburn.
56 of them in total.

some throw backs & some new ones:

*Collapse )
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being silly... [02 Jan 2010|10:29pm]
Hiya, I decided to mess around with my phone's multi-shot feature and posted the pics up on my Tumblr since for some reason Livejournal has been giving me photo posting issues.

How's the new year treating you guys??
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[02 Jan 2010|11:43pm]

I finished

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