January 4th, 2010


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Hi everyone! :]
My names Nicole and I just started my dreads about two weeks ago.
I've been lurking around the community for a long time now.
I just wanted to start out by saying thank you to all of you for sharing your insights, views, stories and experiences. This is one community where I'm never let down and always thrilled to check up on!

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Admit it. Your dreads aren't voluminous enough already.  If anyone can get their hand on a Bumpit (is that the correct singular form?) I would be morbidly curious to see how it behaves nestled under dreadlocks.

Speaking of hat-head....I give you: 
winter dreadlocks

winter dreads.

15 months

it's been a while. i couldn't be happier that last year is over. but this year is a new beginning. a fresh start.

i found out this morning that we lost two of our accounts. i work for a cleaning company, and we clean office buildings. so now we'll only have one. and my boss is firing a few people. luckily, i've been there long enough that i'm keeping my job. but it still sucks.

and i was working at the Christmas Tree Shops, but unfortunately i was only hired as seasonal help. Saturday was my last day. so i'm on the job search once again. but i'm staying positive, and taking life as it comes at me. i have very good feelings about this year! :]

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and i noticed that i have 2 or 3 small dreads that have formed naturally from the loose hair between dreads. i absolutely love them! they're so cute! i'm also thinking about splitting a couple of fatter ones i have in the back. but i'm totally unsure at this point. just a thought.

happy new year to all! :]
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Dread Nostalgia after 8 1/2 weeks?!

Ok, so the state of puffy-fluffy-not-quite-locs in my icon...? I really, kinda freaking miss it.

On the other hand my dreads are doing some seriously-what-the-fuck-are-you-doing-LOL stuff, so it's kinda ok...

... But I do still miss the sheer VOLUME of the puffy fluff...

(like my over-use of ellipsis? Yeah, it makes me gag a little, too. [but the Swiss beer in my belly says it's ok.])

Dreadpermed dreadies

Hey guys. This is mainly directed at those who have had dream perms before, but if you have any insight otherwise let me know, too! So, I got my dread perm a little over 5 months ago and after the first few months my dreads started to lock up really nicely, but recently (in the last week) a few of them are starting to just completely fall apart. The tightness is gone, and they're turning into these little soft fuzzy dry things that look and feel exactly like they did when I first got them done. WHAT THE HELL? Has this happened to anyone before? Here's a photo of one that's doing particularly bad.


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So I perused the memories before posting (disclaimer :) )
Have any of you had an issue with the sheer weight of your hair? My mom says I can do whatever I want but usually does this guilting process when she doesnt like things. I have a very sensitive head and due to hormone treatments my hair is fine (not thin, but fine) and she said the weight of the dreads themselves would aid to my heads sensitivity and hurt all the time. I said that this can't be so because thick long hair has to be pretty heavy too, but it got me thinking:

Have any of you experienced extreme discomfort with your dread's weight and has it changed any sensitivity issues with your scalps?

If its a weird question or doesn't make sense, I can reiterate and answer any confusions at my wording.