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[05 Jan 2010|12:25am]
Hello! Long time no post! I have several random pictures I want to share with you guys... so lets get started! I'll try to explain what everything is from....

I had a display for Dia De Los Muertos at one of our biggest Day of the Dead festivals... this is my hubby and I infront of my display posing like the painting I did of us.



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Easiest Dreadsleeves EVER. [05 Jan 2010|09:33am]
So my friend's aunt TT gave me a pair of gloves for Christmas that were about 3 sizes to small for my fingers. Today I went ahead and cut the ends off so I could wear them and, Lo! inspiration struck.

All I did was take one of the ends I'd snipped off, cut the tippytop off and took a lighter to both ends so the fibers don't unravel. TADA!

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Happy New Year! [05 Jan 2010|12:52pm]
I'm a bit over 3 months now with my dreads and the last month they've really matured. I wanted to wait til I got pictures of my friends that are more entertaining than just me, but I don't know if I'll ever see them and I don't have a little camera of my own sooo sorry but they're boring ole pictures of just me and my hair. and some mushrooms! :D


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Also! Congratulations to me! I just graduated college!!! :D:D after 20 years of my life spent in school, I'm STOKED. I'm gonna WOOF for 3 months now somewhere, most likely Mexico or Belize cuz its so cheap to fly there. Anyone have experience with WOOFING?
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3 year old dreads! [05 Jan 2010|01:31pm]
hi everyone! i don't know if i've made a post here under my new screen name? i used to be billie_dove. i rarely ever posted under that name so i doubt anyone would recognize my dreads anyway. but ya never know!

at the end of this month, my dreads will officially be three years old. i know i'm posting a little early but they won't be changing much between now and then, so lets just pretend.

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year time line. [05 Jan 2010|05:38pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So i made my one year mark december 30th but have honestly been too busy to post.
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one month and a question [05 Jan 2010|09:12pm]
Hello GUDU! I've been a longtime lurker and finally started my dreads a month ago. Unfortunately, I'm having some issues with them already and I was hoping I could get some advice.

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[05 Jan 2010|10:35pm]

My boyfriend Thim and me

Thim has his dreads for about 1 month now just finished extending the last ones. I have my dreads for 3 years now.
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