January 6th, 2010


About 4 months now?

Happy new year GUDU! 2009 brought me everything I wanted and some things I never needed [like probation ):], but all in all, it was one of the best years of my life. I fell in love, got my dreads back, turned 21, had so many firsts, so many amazing experiences ... the ups I will remember more than the downs, for sure.

Anyway ...

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mary prankster

boyfriends one month time line

i gave my bf dreads about a month ago. there is a picture of him in the bathtub. but you cant see any nipple or ass or anything.
we are interested in naughty knotty... he is working on my dreads. i only have about 6. so Collapse ) is the lil' timeline.
he has about 108 dreads. some are very tight. some are not so tight...but they are tighter than they look in the last pictures (the ends are tighter than loose hair) and they are all very beautiful and loved very much!
he is pretty good with a crochet hook. he did 2 in the front. enjoy for now. more will come later.
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2 months, tams, and dreadbands

2 months old now! More like two and a half, but I just found my camera so its time for a late update. They're coming along great, I have crazy loops everywhere. I resectioned a bit on the side and am debating on doing it in the back as well, but overall I'm so much happier with this set than my last.
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Surprise kitty

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Its dark, but I figured ya'll would like to see one of the kitties favorite play things, my hair. Piaget (and possibly her unnamed sister-Gestalt just doesnt seem right for a girl) come home Friday :)
out of time

deep cleaning for long dreads-I'm doing it right?

So today I took my hair down and got a whiff of something musty/sweaty/unusual/idk. I just washed a few days ago, maybe something isn't dry inside, thought everything feels dry, but I remember hearing that any dreads that smell need a deep clean. This is just a weird smell, too. I keep thinking, Mildew though I don't see anything weird... it's a sweat and mildew combo or something and I catch the odour at the roots moreso than at the ends. At any rate, I'm deep cleaning tomorrow but want to run things through:


Large bowl of warm water
3/4 c of baking soda
20 drops of tea tree oil
4T of lemon juice
2T of salt
Stir until all is well dissolved
Dunk all dreads in until completely saturated, then wrap in a plastic bag to keep the mixture in and let sit for 1/2 hour to 1 hour

Since I have a lot of (long) dreads, should I adjust the recipe for gallons (since something like a mop bucket is what I'll hafta use), I let my dreads soak everything up, wrap them in a bag and sit for an hour or so (as the memories suggest)? I'm looking for those with long dreads to assure me this is the practical way to accomplish this. Why I'm not seeing this process right, idk.

Thank yooooou!