January 7th, 2010

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Educating the Unwilling

On of my friends were admiring the latest pictures of my dreads, and told me they always wanted them, and actually started a set a while back but had to cut it all off because of his family. I told him about how much my mom loves to play with them and such, and asked why he had to cut them. This was his response: " Wow...I wish I had the support you got! At the beggining my mom didnt have a problem, but my siblings colluded with her, and then she turned against my idea. and their reasons were that I look shabby, and I wont be able to get a descent job and I was spoiling the family image! Then, I had to surrender!"

All I can say is ::rage::. I mean, I have no problem with someone having their own views, but it bothers me that they have these views so ingrained that they wont even educate themselves-I did actually try, tell them about how my doctor has dreads, some of my friends that are teachers have them, and that I havnt struggled to find a job because of my hair, but they wouldn't listen to anything I had to say. Very frustrating. Although, they did admit that they "looked clean" and "didnt smell bad".

The part that amuses me about this? His family is from Jamaica. Sure, I know thats just a sterotype, but still, I would think his mom would've seen countless sets growing up.

hey hey sugarlips

hey party people!

the last time i posted was in a comment in lishd's BIG and small dreadie post. she insisted i post more, so here i am! i've been a member for ~5 years and have barely made a handful of posts.

checking back on LJ memories, i apparently had my ex-bf made 5 dreads on 07/10/2005. i think he put in some more, but i did the rest on my own.

anywho, other day (or 2?) i was up for ~30 hours. so, at 7am, in a semi-manic state, i colored my hair. last time i did this was maybe 2 1/2 years ago. i only needed two boxes of dye then, so that is what i bought (and i bought this dye like a year ago??). apparently 2 is not enough anymore! omg D; three would probably be good, but from now on i should probably buy 4 boxes.... insane. i did my best with 2, though, since i have zero monies to my name.

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thanks for looking. <3
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Nifty Things That Help With Deep Cleaning

I was having some major soap buildup at the ends of my dreadies and many of them were starting to thin and break off at the point where I started them and was using wax (about an inch from the end of my dreadie- so sad I ever used wax), so I decided to cut off the tip of one to see what was going on in there, and I was not happy with the result. There wasn't any mold or anything, but tons of dirt and even more soap (I could tell it was soap because it would just kind of fluff off as I tried to cut into it).

I try to do deep cleaning with the baking soda solution found in the memories at least once a month, and I'm always happy with the results, and I occasionally do an ACV rinse to reset things, but I guess I was never really getting my dreadies cleaned deep enough. I looked through the memories like crazy for more information on deep cleaning and found a comment on an entry on wax about a regiment of all three cleaning processes, first using dish washing liquid to loosen up the grease, then using an ACV solution, then wash using a baking soda solution( here is a link to that comment thread).

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I hope someone found this information useful. If anyone else tries the gloves or the shampooer, let me know!!

Wishing you all a peaceful day!!

PS: Has anyone followed a baking soda solution soak with ACV? Does that work better? Suggestions??? Thanks all of you for your help!
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deep cleaning

I did one today-  followed the recipe to a T, let it soak for half a hour, and completely rinised in the shower.

And my dreads are still slightly wet - but it definitely feels sticky. To the point where it's annoying for me to run my hands through my dreads. I've gone through the memories and such, and I'm to the point to thinking that I should do another deep-clean.
I don't have any more lemon juice or tea tree oil, so I'm going to try the alternative recipe tomorrow.
I spent nearly 35 minutes in the shower rinising.

Has this happened before to you guys?  
I know this might be a noob question but this is my first set (started march 2009) and I'm still awkward when it comes to things like this, and this was my first deep clean.

TIA. :)

Lurking no more!

So my babies are one day short of a month, and I'm having some issues.
Due to the fact that my hair is super oily, the roots* are just not locking up.
I wash my hair every 3 days with Dr. Brommer's magic soap, and the next day they are right back to being full of oil.
Any suggestions?
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