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[09 Jan 2010|02:04am]
because i was tripping out with blacklight, paint and feathers, and i was having fun taking pictures with the camera i had for christmas... and then i noticed how blacklights make us see all the fluffy stuff that stays in our dreads from everyday life. stuff like t-shirt material, acrylic fluffies, paint, etc... and i decided to take more pictures, in normal light...

are you ready?
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another update :P [09 Jan 2010|12:20pm]
Hi my favorite community with whom I like to share my photos.

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Just for Fun [09 Jan 2010|12:57pm]
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pipe cleaner curls round 2 [09 Jan 2010|01:07pm]

pipe cleaner curls, round 2! sooo much cuter this time around. last time the curls were really big and loose. this time they're super tight. i feel like shirley temple! plus, i kinda love having short hair again! video coming soon!
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Just Over A Month... [09 Jan 2010|01:59pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

 December 23rd was my one month point.
I absolutely love the way my dreads having been growing and locking.
It's so much fun to watch your dreads mature as the days go by.
I wash my dreads generally about every 2 - 3 days & it couldn't be more true how much it helps your hair to lock.
I've had my days where my dreads were completely unruly & wouldn't work with me at all & the world of fabrics & hats has been a wonderful one on those days of crisis.
This decision is one I could never regret.
& I think my hair has never been happier.

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7 months [09 Jan 2010|02:45pm]
I've had some adventures lately.

lots of pics..poss nsfw?Collapse )
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I'm feeling good. [09 Jan 2010|03:15pm]
..and in a really silly mood today, so I hope you dont mind me sharing some of it.

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Dreadlocksss and mighty swell payphones [09 Jan 2010|04:49pm]
Howdy beautiful dreadlie peeps! :B <3

My dreadli-os just turned one about month or two ago, so I thought that they would enjoy being viewed by fabulous humans such as yourselves as a gift. =]

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update :) [09 Jan 2010|05:43pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

 since i posted last i died some dreads purple-ish, went to Assisippi to ski, and christmas of course. heres some images from these events :)
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Pipe Cleaner Curls video tutorial! [09 Jan 2010|07:56pm]
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Dry scalp help [09 Jan 2010|09:23pm]
So my boyfriend decided to help me out with my dry scalp. I was having super bad dandruff this week and a dry, itchy head. I asked him to rub a mixture of olive oil and witch hazel astringent on my head with his fingertips because I didn't know what else to do and I couldn't stand it.
I think that oil is probably not a good thing to put on dreads' root area, but it was only in for a day before I washed them this morning and I haven't noticed anything weird. It's just a one-time thing, so I think it's fine. I don't think I'd recommend it per se, but that's what I did.
Onto some pics.
Also, tomorrow I will be doing a girl's dreads. I will probably post pictures if she lets me take some. :D
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pure dreads [09 Jan 2010|09:42pm]

photo  Andrey Nikolaev kefirux 

no-make up homy shootCollapse )
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