January 11th, 2010


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For a few years now, it's been a goal of my head to have at least part of my head shaved. A friend of mine was cutting the boy's hair tonight, and I convinced him to shave a small section behind my ear. Kyle came back into the room before we could finish. He said he would walk home and not talk to me for 3 weeks if I shaved my hair :( I'm still so tempted to cut my bangs short and straight across, and shave off my long burns on the side behind my ears. It would barely be noticeable and my school/work cap would likely fit better.

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Enjoy your monday! :)
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Hello, GuDu. Been stalking this comm [and posting the occasional reply] for a few months now. I'm gonna start off by saying I don't have dreads and never have [and possibly never will :(] but I think they're simply stunning. Through this comm I've learned so much about the creation and maintenance of dreadlocks, and have tried educating others about their "not unclean-ness". The husband still dislikes them, which is one of the big reasons I have yet to get them. He likes my hair like it is [I'm biracial, and it's naturally very curly], and I can understand that :)

The main reason for this possibly illegal post is simply a "Thank you." I have been feeling sub-par for the past few days, and the only thing that's brightened my mood is coming to this community to see the fantastic journey all of you are having. So many different styles, backgrounds, lives, and yet you come here and share with the rest of us... even those of us living vicariously through your photos :)

I obviously don't have a picture of myself to post, so I'm posting a sketch I did years ago. It's blegh, but I'm trying to follow the rules; she's got dreads :S

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Guten tag!

Hey people :D I'm Slang, or Julie, whichever you prefer. Uhhhm.... I live in Los Angeles CA, I'm an artist and I enjoy body modification, psychedelia, object manipulation (such as poi, hooping, contact juggling, etc.), fire dancing, cultures, and chickens. I'm happy to divulge additional information upon request :p 
I'm the admin over at Dreadlock Truth, I only joined LJ a few days ago and was planning on lurking around for a good while, but Katie is bugging me to post my dreads already =P
So here we go!...
They're nearly 3 years old now (March 3rd)

May turn out to be a bit picture heavy, I apologize. I hope I did this cut thing right too...

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Late 2 month update

My 21st birthday was this Saturday! So here are a few pictures from before the action starting happening, along with a few from tonight. I've had my baby dreadies pinned back most of the past couple of days, so don't mind the awkwardness of them pointing in 500 different directions.

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