January 12th, 2010


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Hello! I'm new. I've been lurking here for a ridiculously long time, but haven't had cause to post until now, because I just finished dreading my hair :D

I had dreadlocks once before, I think when I was 15 (I'm 18 now, 19 in a little over a month). They were synth ones that took a fucking age to put in, and they were all various shades of blue and purple with a bit of red and they were lovely, but I only had them in for a week because my school told me to take them out or I'd get suspended.

Anyway, pictures:

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They're all a mix of backcombing and rip-twisting, with a little palm rolling thrown in for good measure. I think I may need to tighten some of them a bit more, maybe re-do them altogether, but tomorrow. Right now I need a nice cup of tea and a sit down. My poor arms...

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hello again.
its been well over a year since i posted anyhting here. but maybe some of you remember me?
its been a crazy year. i got pregnant, had a beautiful baby boy, and cut off my almost 4 year old dreads.
the last one makes me sad.
but by losing mine, i inspired my BFF to dread hers up... so i guess they live on in spirit.
anywho, just wanted to say hello out there and that seeing all these beautiful dreads makes me miss mine even more :(
maybe someday ill redread. i sure do miss/love them.

have a great day!

location location location!

A friend of mine recently moved to PEI (that's Prince Edward Island, Canada, for those of you not in the know). She wants to dread her hair and would love some experienced help.

Do any of you gorgeous people live in PEI or near enough that you'd be willing to travel there to help a friend start her locks?

Muchas gracias!

Its that Time.

This is my 3rd set of dreads. I admittedly used wax the first time. BAD IDEA!!! I combed them out after only a few weeks. they felt so gross as well as looked terrible.
I did the second set shortly after that, WAX FREE. They felt WAYYY nicer and dreaded up pretty nice, but I was desperate for a job in a city with No jobs, so in my desperation I chopped them off. Soon after that, I got a job where it didn't matter what my hair was like, so the second my hair grew enough, I knotted it back up.
They are about 4.5 months old and I figure its time to make a  post, and add some sort of time line.

Ill start of with the second set. This was just before I chopped them off.

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I had to brush out my first set of dreads because I thought I was going to be taking a nannying job in Paris, where I'd need to dress "conservatively". I've since decided against this, and am staying in America. The visa process is under way! This is excellent news for many reasons, not least because it means that I get to stay with my wonderful boyfriend and awesome friends, but I will also have time to let a new set of dreads settle in before I'm allowed to job hunt again. Hurrah!

So, before I brush a new, tighter set in, I have one thing that's confusing me. Having read over the memories:

"Clean hair knots better" ("clean" meaning shampoo only, no conditioner)


Washing too frequently is bad for new dreads, because it'll 'disturb' them, and overwashing leads to an overproduction of oils, which will make it harder for the dreads to stay put.

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Is it better to wash more often to have "cleaner" hair (but risk the scalp overproducing oils), or to wash less often and leave it greasier for longer (so that it readjusts to not being washed as much)? I want my new set to stay better, as the last set fell out really easily. I know that I'll need to backcomb it way tighter, but I also want to make sure I'm caring for them properly, and the memories confused me. Sorry if I've missed something obvious :S