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[14 Jan 2010|10:01am]
La la longer.

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[14 Jan 2010|10:58am]
Hello everyone :)

I took a much, much needed mental health day this morning. I deep-cleaned my hair for the first time, crocheted in a few big chunks of hair, unpicked some stumpy ends, and trimmed my bangs. All that sounds conceited but I believe self esteem has a powerful effect on well-being.

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I've acquired a new sense of positivity lately. It's motivating me to get a better job instead of the one I now hate, and I'll be graduating with my BA in october. I've been in school for less than 2 years and my life is headed in a very exciting direction. Oh, and I'm finally making independent decisions for myself ;)

I'm going to spend the rest of the day gardening :D
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2 months [14 Jan 2010|01:59pm]
Hi! I'm Allison. On November 5th my roommate and my boyfriend helped me put dreads in my hair to celebrate our court case being thrown out. Sometimes I hate them and they look like a dumb mess on my head but one day they'll be beautiful and I will love them. I've mostly been letting my head do what it wants to do since the initial backcombing but I kind of wish that I had more hair so I could have more dreads. Hmmmmmm how about pictures!

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Adventure! [14 Jan 2010|10:07pm]

I haven't posted here in a while. Or in my own lj, hahaha. Anyway I went ahead and bleached/dyed my dreads today.

They're going to be 7 years old in April. And oh man, do they need a clean up.

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I can't wait to finally start growing them long. I'm getting tired of trimming them short each year. By now they would be down to my mid back or so.

ALSO dread puppy!!Collapse )
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