January 15th, 2010

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I extended my dreads a while ago, but now they turned out to heavy so i had do chop of a bit. Not the compleatly lenght of the extensions but a  bit.   

Chopp, chopp, chopp! It was a kind of strange feeling cutting in my babies.
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jim morrison

To get dreads or not to get dreads..

 I want to get dreads quite badly, but I do have a few concerns, so I thought I'd see what people who have or have had them think.

Though I've wanted dreads for the past 3 years, I think I'm still younger than most people who get them. If I am a sophomore in high school is that considered too young to get them? I don't think my parents would have a problem with them, but I'm not sure about other people. Where I live most people are relatively liberal, but I'm still not sure if dreads are generally acceptable for people my age. If anyone has had them in high school, can you please tell me how teachers, peers, etc. reacted to them?

Also, even though I really want dreads, I am very attached to my hair as it is. One reason I wanted dreads is because I'm a naturalist when it comes to my body (ie. I would never consider hair dye, straightening, or getting tattoos). But since dreadlocks are natural, I'm ok with them. However, since I've basically never done anything to my hair, I've grown attached to it and I think there is a chance I could miss it a bit no matter how much I enjoy dreads. If I have this concern, is it worth it to just take the risk or is this a warning that I should just not get dreads?

Well, I think that's it. With these things in mind, do you think dreads are something I should continue to consider or not?