January 16th, 2010

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Longest Dread [video]

I've continued my research on dreads, including another search through the memories -- this time the "Natural" and "R+T" methods. I have some questions that I'm staving off until I become even more serious about this, except for the fact that Natural is probably not what I want, as I want sectioned locks.

I went to the YouTubes to find videos of people creating/maintaining dreads, and found the following video. I made sure the ratio was under 600 px but since it's a vid I decided to put it behind a cut. I didn't see anything against posting video, and this is extremely short but I found it interesting/inspiring. The lady also gives similar sentiments to what I've heard from you guys about lock-love. I also adore the way she wears them :)

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5.5 months

Hey guys! So its been 5.5 months since I got my dreads and I just gave my fringe a much needed trim so I thought I'd give an update (this time with legitimate photos rather than the usual lazy macbook ones!) Also, on another note-

-stay true to yourself
-follow your passions
-live with kindness
-be spontanious
-hold on to what matters
-inspire and be inspired
-always follow your heart
-live freely- dance, sing, play, go on adventures
-don't regret, but learn
-know and love yourself


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Bit late but: Happy Newyear everyone! A new fresh year. Things change, time flies when you're having fun. My dreads are growing up. They're 19 months. Last weekend my friend maintained them. And i'm very happy with them! And that's why i want to share them with you! Collapse )
pray for nothing

Fucking hats

The hat in this pic was made by my friend Marissa. I have been looking for a hat to fit my damn head for years (and spending plenty of money in the search) and she just whips it up, bless her!

This is her with the ears!

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