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Hmmm [19 Jan 2010|12:18am]
My dreads seemed to have locked up a lot in the past week, for whatever reason. Maybe it's just me ...

hereCollapse )

And, just because, 2 crazy pictures of me being bananas and a painting my boyfriend did for my dining roomCollapse )
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2 good years ) [19 Jan 2010|02:31pm]


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[19 Jan 2010|02:59pm]
I posted here about a week ago with a picture of my newly-done dreads. I've had to brush them all out =\
The other night I found a headlouse in my hair, so I combed out all of my dreads, some of which were already knotting up nicely at the roots, and got in the bath and combed through my now brushable hair. Aaaaand I didn't find any more lice at all.
Now I am pissed off and dreadless. And I don't know how good an idea it would be to re-dread my hair again right now, because we've had a bit of a problem with headlice going round in my friendship group lately. I thought it was all clear, but apparently not?

So anyway, I am, until further notice, no longer a dreadhead. It was nice while it lasted ):
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new hat [19 Jan 2010|04:23pm]
[ mood | happy ]

my aunt is the knitter in our family. she was awesome enough to make me this sweet hat!Collapse )

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random update [19 Jan 2010|08:54pm]
Just some random pictures I took the other day. Coming up on 8 months now, and ready for the winter to be over so I can go jump in the ocean some more!!! It's so not fair that the year starts AND ends with winter...

and you thought I forgot...Collapse )
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