January 21st, 2010


Just got some new shots i would like to share with you.

And just while im here, does anyone have any tips for weak, briittle ends?  It came about when i used to straighten my hair 'back in the day', and hasn't really gone. Everytime i rip and twist my ends they break off into my fingers. It sucks!

I went camping with some friends in a place called 'Tea Gardens', in Port Stephens(NSW)for the new year. It was raining most of the time until on the last day it cleared up in the late afternoon.

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  • asborn


Well im new here, just found this and wish i had known about it before haha... im about to embark on my second dread journey soon, as i had them cut  January 09... :(

Heres a vid that shows my dreads... going to have alot more short ones this time, if anyone has a good pic or something that shows somethign similar, dont hesitate to show me ;) :D:D

Peace love and oatmeal.