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[26 Jan 2010|07:30am]
I haven't posted in ages, but I took a photo that turned out nice so here I am.

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I've noticed kind of a lot of lint build up in a couple of my dreads, near the roots. What do you guys to take care of that? Does washing more frequently help? It just seems like my dreads act as a net and catch all sorts of fibers and dead skin from my scalp - gross. The memories lint section is a little lacking.

Anybody here from La Grande, OR? I moved out here from Grand Rapids, MI a few months ago. Way less dread heads in this town.
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[26 Jan 2010|11:10am]
went to a fete at a friend's place a while back...
this photo just surfaced. nothing fantastic, but gives a pretty good idea of what i'm dealin' with as far as hair these days.

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