January 27th, 2010



Wasting time before school and I thought I'd update.
It's been 6 months. Half a year. I still feel like I've had dreads forever. I do not miss combing my hair at all.

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Hope everyone has a great dready day. ♥
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Long time no posty posty

These are my dreads as of last month and my girl daaarlin and her set which we started last year.

I haven't posted in forever, due to laziness mostly, but also with work, my blogger(which is an in-progress memoire, so I don't have to recall this crap at later dates) and generally madness of the sort. I promise to post here pretty soon. Infact I think that this post will help get me off my ass. I have a shitload of pics, I'll either post one giant post(as usual) or do a few mid-sized posts so I don't lose your attention in the mass of pics(Pretty sure I've posted 50 pics in one post before). Furthermore, my dreads are now 2 and will be 3 years this october(it's only january, I know). You can see I have alot of fly-aways and loose crap but I just had daaarlin and my sis ahhhjennie them up a bit. I'll tell you more about that later.

Hope this finds everyone well and groovin, keep up the good times and good vibes guys, love the posts even if I don't comment often.
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