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[29 Jan 2010|12:18am]
[ mood | intimidated ]

Hey guys, I don't know if anyone else has seen this video.. but I think it's pretty neat

He explains how to start dreadlocks(Back combing, palm wrolling, why wax is bad and how to crotchet loose hairs.

I found it pretty useful so I thought I'd share. : )

P.s. Just ignore this if it's not helpful or allowed or something. ahhh

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Up-do! [29 Jan 2010|12:15pm]

My dad announced he's getting re-married in September. The first thing that concerned me was my hair!! I had a play around today, this is based on the tutorial by chescaleigh 

More pictures, including token cute puppy picture....Collapse )

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[29 Jan 2010|04:37pm]
they did a meme challenge at work. i couldn't help but laugh at gorthok's expense when the guys downstairs came up with this:
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