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[30 Jan 2010|12:25pm]
i figured out a new style - heart shaped dreads? it's just two sections of twisted dreads held at the back with one clip, but boy is it sturdy. now you try!

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growing out your natural colour [30 Jan 2010|06:14pm]
So i have a bit of a dilemma.. I initially started my dreads with the intention of growing out my natural colour thinking if i dreaded my hair it would stop me from messing with it.
Well it hasn't. The other day i went out and dyed my hair brown on a whim after using henna for the last six months. Bad move it turned out darker than i anticipated and i hate it. So my question is, has any one tried growing out their natural colour from a dark colour? My natural colour is a dirty ash blonde which wouldn't bother me so much but i'm worried it would look silly. Thoughts anyone??
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15 months, natural set [30 Jan 2010|09:00pm]
I cut my bangs pretty short, heres a picture
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