February 2nd, 2010



Does anyone know what the hook used in this video is called [seen at 5:45]? My mom is the biggest craftster and doesn't even know what it was when I described it to her.

And also, so this isn't just a question, here's some pictures taken yesterday after bleaching some of my dreads. I need toner now, and to do my roots, of course. I want to go blonde eventually.

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maintenence in arizona?

I need some maintenence! I didn't see anything in the experts memory post, but does anyone live nearby the arizona area? I can travel to you, but it would have to be a day trip... thus ruling out anything too far.

My ends are loose which is fine, mostly I'm looking for root cleanup. Dreads are nearly 1 year old.

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either today or tommorw will be five years.

So another decade begins and does another year for my dreads. It seems like yesterday i was waiting for my hair to be long enough to dread, now i have the dreads i always wanted. The only hair regret i have for 2009 is that i cut the bottom seven inches of dreads off, granted i still have like 15 16 inches but those seven inches were the original dreads and were much fatter than what my dreads turned into. Oh well life goes on. On a healthy note i am down 109 pounds since last year at this same exact time so yeah me! But on to some recent pictures.
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Thin roots

I skimmed trough the memories but i did not really read a solution or a tip what i could do..

Recently after i had maintenance done on my dreads, i noticed that at least one dread broke off.. She had reinforced it at the root but it broke off above it and since there was no way of reattaching it, i am now missing a dread there.

Also another dread, which is at the center of my head is also really thin at the root and i think close to breaking off. Is there a way that i can prevent this from happening, thicken the dread in any way?

I would post a picture but i am at work right now.. so that's a tad difficult, but i will post pics after work.

Help? I don't want to lose another dread..and especially not there :S

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