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[03 Feb 2010|05:23pm]
My friends always think it is funny when I do this.


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Ghasparilla!!11one!11!eleven!11! [03 Feb 2010|07:49pm]
Hey there! It's been a little minute since I did an update. My locks will be three on April 1st :).

These pics are mostly from Ghasparilla, the pirate festival in Tampa.

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Question- [03 Feb 2010|08:44pm]
So, everything I've ever read about dreadperms says that they're irreversible and that you'll only be able to comb out the new hair growth if you decide you don't want dreads anymore. Makes sense, considering the process basically causes the hair to forget its original form. However, last week I dyed my hair and in the process mixed up one of my dreads near the front with my loose hair while washing and basically tore it apart- I was worried it would be a mess, but after conditioning, it seemed to be in perfect condition. So... now I'm confused. Is it in fact possible to comb a dread perm out or by some weird chance did that specific dread just escape the perm solution? Mainly asking this due to the fact that my dreads look terrible since I dyed them and I'm considering chopping them off, but I'd prefer to keep more than 2 inches of hair. Thanks!
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