February 5th, 2010

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washing question

Hello lovely people!

Did any of you soak your dreads for the first few months? I feel like the water pressure in my shower is high enough that its ripping apart baby knots that form when I'm in between washes. My ends will start to get knotty during the week and then they start to go all limp on me and fall apart after a shower (even though I am super gentle on them and all I use for washing is baking soda). Any suggestions?

Wanting to start dreadlocks that mirror my curly hair

Hello, GUDU! I've been watching your community for years now, since I first became interested in dreadding my hair. I recently decided on a career path (social work, to become a therapist) and am planning on leaving my office job in August to begin grad school. I've decided that now is the time to start dreadding my hair.

I've looked through the memories, but am not finding specific answers to my questions, so if you will bear with me, please answer if you can. Also, pics of my current hair will be under the cut.

1. My first question, which may take care of all of the other ones, is: is there anyone in NYC who is willing to meet and and talk to me about starting? Possibly mentor and help me to begin them? I'm a really cool person and I bet we'd get along! None of my friends have dreads and I feel that I would most benefit from talking to someone directly and having them show me how to do them (if they are interested).

2. I have naturally curly hair, and I want my dreads to resemble the sections that my hair makes on its own, when it's a good hair day. My hair, of course, frizzes up at the sight of a brush or at a gust of humid air and requires liberal amounts of conditioner and hair product, so I am particularly concerned with my dreads coming out spongy. I have seen some beautiful spongy dreads, but they are not my style. How do I make sure that I get my dreads to look the way that I want them to? I am basically trying to get them to look like my normal hair while having the extreme beauty, power and greatness of some dreadlocks I've seen. What method do you suggest I use to get this effect?

Examples of what I would like for my dreads are displayed in the usericons of crazypickle and fieldsofjoy 

3. When it's over, when I want to get rid of my dreads, how likely is it that my hair will go back to the way that it was before? I've read posts where people say that the way their hair grows changes. I'm really concerned that my hair will no longer be curly when I want it to be.

4. I am going on a mini-vacation out to the Mojave next weekend. I am wondering if this will be a good time to try to start them naturally. I started doing it at the end of the summer when I went to Burning Man, and they looked awesome. However I chickened out and undid them before I got any serious momentum going. I know that playa dust is different from desert sand; do any of you know if the Mojave will provide favorable conditions for this endeavor?

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