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half way there, livin on a prayer [06 Feb 2010|01:09am]
hey my gudu folk, how's doin? i'm just one week away from my six month dreadversary, and still madly in love with them of course - but they've gone from past-my-shoulders dreads to being a dread bob, which had me wondering: why the massive shrinkage?

as always, i've read through the memories, and they have helped immensely explaining that shrinkage varies from person to person, and with different types of locking methods. mine were backcombed, and from one month old to six months old, they seem to have lost about 50% of their length. i wash them weekly, and sometimes palm roll but otherwise i leave them alone and let them do their thing. they've never been cut.

i doubt it's cause for concern, but i figure i'd put it out there with pics, in case anybody else has this kind of serious shrinkage and is wondering if it's normal.

so we have a before pic:

and after pics under the cutCollapse )
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[06 Feb 2010|06:17am]
I fixed Ed's dreads yesterday..

And this is the result..Collapse )
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[06 Feb 2010|11:04am]
Hey it'e me again! Just here to say that it has been two months of dreadies, and I couldn't be happier with them! They are coming along great, They only problem is I have super band dandruff, I bought some tea tree oil and that seems to help so much when my head itches really bad. I know its just not normal dandruff I totally have scalp psoriasis, and it suck. I keep debating on going to the doctors or not for it, I know they are just going to give me shampoo to wash with, but I don't want to buy it and find out I can't use it because of my dreads.
Other then that, I can not wait until they start changing even more then they already have!
Oh and I am so excited the first week in June I am going to Denver, Colorado to visit my aunt with my best friend. ah its going to be so awesome, I have never been out west!

PicturesCollapse )

Have a beautiful day everyone!
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Dreadmonster, and fresh tattoo. [06 Feb 2010|01:37pm]
So this is what I've been rockin lately. Kinda messy, but i don't really give a what. Sorry about the webcam quality.

On to the real reason for posting... Collapse )
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I saw this and smiled [06 Feb 2010|02:33pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Apologies if everyone's already seen this or something:

I thought this was cute as all hell.

EDIT: These aren't mine. They belong to this person

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here i go again [06 Feb 2010|02:56pm]
I know i'm posting an awful lot lately, more than i have since i started.
I have another question which i can't find the answer to in the memories. Has anyone here ever bleach bathed their hair to remove unwanted dye as opposed to just straight up bleaching it.
I ended up using a colour remover in my hair and it's now at a medium brown but i would like to try and get it lighter still. I know that this will be a drawn out process removing this colour and i thought that bleach bathing it once a week  may help remove even more of the colour.
i've done this process hundreds of times on myself before i had dreads and  on other people but i'm not sure how dreaded hair will take to it
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[06 Feb 2010|04:41pm]
I have a new collection of dreadjewels for sale. This time with a special Buddha hanger.

They are all silver coloured and have a diameter from 8mm - 10mm. The price is €3,50 ($4.80) each.

onto the jewelsCollapse )

Some photo's of my dreadsCollapse )
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