February 7th, 2010


longlong time no post...

hello! i was just wondering if there was anyone here from eugene, oregon? i just moved here last week and i don't know anyone! and well, i'm rather bored and lonely. there are soo many dread heads here it's crazy amazing. like little subarus full of 5 dread heads. and dread heads walking down the street (with bodies attached of course). and it's all pretty neat, but it makes me miss my dreads soo much. so i'm thinking of putting a few of my old ones in the back of my mohawk, since i don't think i'm ready for a full head again. so its not text only here's a pic of my old set under the cut...
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Alright. Posting here, because I don't know where else to look, and I know this is a "only you can make the decision for yourself" type thing. [Yeah, I've gone through the memories... all they seem to say is that a lot of other folks have battled over the same questions, and come out with different decisions...]

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EDIT: Is there anyone on the continent of Europe who's up for helping me with maintenance? Can travel.

Gangsta, gangsta.

Today me and ifonlytolive are celebrating the 6 month birthday of our dreads!
We also started a new set on my friend, Chelsea. She needs a few words of encouragement... She's nervous about how they stick up. Her hair knotted so easily though, I really think they'll be great. Don't you?

Me and Maria's. 6 months! Yes.

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We're gangstas.
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a gorthok timeline

i was looking through old gorthok pics today, & thought you guys might appreciate seeing young shots of his locks. surprisingly, joe was able to work out the month & year for all of these pics. his dreads were started at the end of august 2004, which makes them five & a half years old now.


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joe & i got together in december of 2006, so my past posts well document the rest of his timeline. enjoy!

dready mamas!

i started my friend sara's dreads about a week ago. it took us around 10ish hours of backcombing, done over like 4 days. i've known her since we were 7 :)

my dreads are now approaching 6 weeks. i love them more and more every day! i'm very happy that they don't all stick out of my head in crazy angles anymore... for the most part.

well, here we are!

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