February 8th, 2010

poke the peguin!!!

Philly residents!

So I need a place to stay in March when the NCECA conference happens. It's a conference for ceramics enthusiasts. I'm trying to make the trip as cheap as possible, because I'm broke and the conference itself costs like... $180. bleh.

If anyone in the Philidelphia area has a place I could crash for a few days, I would thoroughly appreciate it. I don't have much to offer in return, though I do give good back rubs! =D 

And just so I'm still following community rules, here's a picture of me and my mane with a ceramic sculpture I made for Wheelworking class last semester.

pray for nothing

Spontaneous Photo shoot!

My friend Marissa got a stellar camera for her photography class. This started out as just a way to get better shots of my tattoo, then it turned into a shoot; complete with wrinkled sheet backdrop:) Hope you enjoy, these are just a few, maybe more later.

Lish if this is too big I'll cut it.

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normal maintenance routine for me

My dreads are 1 1/2 years old. I just finished doing a two day maintenance. Which I do only when my loose hairs and roots start to get out of control...I've noticed not wearing a head scarf when I sleep makes them messy...and when scalp oils make loose hairs slip out of the dread. I also have a habit of running my fingers through my dreads and getting my fingers caught and pulling hairs out.

First I made sure all the long loose hairs were rubberbanded to the dreads in their correct sections using two mirrors, then proceed to sew loose hairs all the way down the dread. I only finished half my dreads....which took a few hours cause I'm anal Then I went out, went to my boyfriends house and went to sleep.

Came home and did the other half....another few hours. Put on my shower cap and showered. Now I'm doing some clockwise root rubbing to get rid of the inch or 2 of unknotted hair and new growth of course after removing each rubberband.

Then I'm going to put on a hair scarf and go to sleep.

And that's a normal night of dread maintenance for me. My hands smell like my scalp oils...I've come to love that smell. My head in tingling. Yay for neater dreads!! They're all fluffed up at the roots. =) 6+ hrs...totally worth it. Better then going to a salon. Free. And I love getting to know my dreads better as they progress. getting to know every bump, twist, loop, length and width.

I noticed the awkward shrinkage happening in the summer(10-12 month mark)(not really in length..maybe an inch) which caused alot of bumps and loops. I almost lost my mind! But most of them went away.

Patience and take CARE <3.

So from now on I'm going to

-Wear more scarfs to bed
-Not run my fingers through my dreads pulling out loose hairs
-Wash my dreads more often so oils don't build up on my scalp causing the loose hairs at the roots to become oily.

Ps....everyone keeps telling me my hair is getting long but my dreads feel like they've been the same length FOREVER. Y'know? when did you start noticing real growth?