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1 year timeline [09 Feb 2010|12:14am]
[ mood | hyper ]

So my dreads are a year old this month. I'm not exactly sure what day, but it's remarkable, looking back, that it's already been a year.
My dreads kind of come with a story, because they sort of mark a journey for me.

This was kind of the beginning ^^ I am naturally blonde :p

Cut for dread saga and pic-heavy timelineCollapse )

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A strange dream [09 Feb 2010|03:53pm]
Even though I don't have dreads yet (Have to talk to my dad... my mom's on board though! SO CLOSE!!!) I figured y'all would get a kick out of the dream I had:

So I was really upset about shrinkage in my dream, because all my hair shrank into my head and I was upset about that. Anyway, I was like on the community in my dream and saw that Lish was taking this vitamin that looked very strange with silver filigree and a red jewel on it that was like a super growth vitamin that made your hair grow a foot in two minutes

Not that interesting now that I type it all out, but I saw a post on shrinkage just now so it reminded me :)

I'm so envious of all of your beautiful 'dos!

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Will I ever see you again? [09 Feb 2010|03:54pm]
Ok so we all know the dilemma that i've been having with my hair wanting to go back to my natural colour!!
Well two days ago i made a decision that the only way to do that without destroying my hair was to say goodbye to my dreads:( I was unhappy with the colour, the sectioning and the condition of them so it was time to say farewell!

and i've never been happier (mini TL inside)Collapse )
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