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Mama Locks [12 Feb 2010|09:23am]

I haven't posted since... well, since I got pregnant!  I just had my baby and I felt the need to share.  The first photo is of me at nine months pregnant.  My love child is Giavanna Soul and nothing better has ever happened to me in my entire life.  I never wanted children, but she was a "surprise" and boy am I happy that surprise happened, because if it were up to me, I would have missed out on the best experience in life. Two weeks before I got pregnant, doctors told me I would never be able to concieve on my own.  WOOPS!  They were wrong!  Haha!  (Pics are relevant - you can see my locks!)



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first post! [12 Feb 2010|12:20pm]
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A late 3 month post [12 Feb 2010|06:52pm]
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They're knotting up so well. The dark  color of my hair really hides how well they're forming. I hate having brown hair. I think it's making me depressed. Shoulda stuck with the orange >.<
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