February 14th, 2010

i desire opinions

Unnatural blonde hair is such a pain in @!~@~!! (duh, right?)

I'm so tempted to just grow out my natural hair (dirty blonde/light brown) because once summer is here, my roots would lighten up a lot just from the sun.

But thats a long way off so I need your guys opinion (again, because I love you guys and you helped me so many times before). Should I:

-grow out the natural and stop fucking with it
-touch up roots/lighten them and get rid of the red (back to blonde)
-touch up roots/lighten them and KEEP the red? (touch it up)
-do something else completely?

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Hi, everyone! I've been a lurker for quite some time now, and I've only made one post since I've joined..so I figured I would fix that :) My dreads are 9 months old (some formed by backcombing, some by rip and twist, and some by pure neglect--all with absolutely no wax or any kind of unnecessary product) and I absolutely love them. My hair is naturally curly, which explains what happened today--after I washed my hair, I half-ass dried it, threw it into a loose bun, then put on a hat. When I took it out of the bun, the ends were so curly that I had to take pictures and share..

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