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a goodbye vent [15 Feb 2010|10:48am]
The time for dreads is not right now for me.

my attempt at rationalizingCollapse )

Enjoy your day, everyone :)
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Needed a change, cut me some bangs! [15 Feb 2010|03:54pm]
Cut some bangs on Valentine's Day :)

Also, my dreads are 5 months.

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PHOTO DUMP!!! [15 Feb 2010|04:15pm]
I never did update my 7 month old dread pictures, and with month 8 almost upon us, I thought I'd go ahead and do a quick photo dump. Some of these arent totally SFW, but you dont actually see anything besides naked belly/hip region-and I happen to be a plus size gal, so if that'll bother you, you might want to skip those anyway :D
The official "YAY! WE'RE SEVEN MONTHS OLD TODAY!" Picture
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The not so safe work shotsCollapse )
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Sharing the love. [15 Feb 2010|05:00pm]
[ mood | high ]

My boyfriend Larry and I rode bikes to a park, had a peaceful picnic and fun with a dandelion puff to celebrate V-day.

I don't say Valentine's, I say Valentime's. I don't know why, it's just the way I've always said it.Collapse )

I hope everyone else had a decent Valentime's day. ♥♥♥ :P

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21st Birthday! [15 Feb 2010|08:53pm]
So Friday was my 21st birthday. Being straightedge, it's not a special birthday for me.
I figured it would be very anti-climactic. I was wrong.
My roommates pooled resources and got me a keg of root beer.
People took pictures and my dreads found their way into many of them.
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