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home alone today, having fun :) [16 Feb 2010|04:17pm]
Hello again beautiful people! I posted a few weeks ago showing the progress my baby locks have made, and a photo of my boy's old dreads before he cut them off. A few of you commented, saying I should extend mine with his someday, and I thought just for fun today, I'd get them out and imagine what I'll look like 5 years from now.

someday, my patience will pay off!Collapse )
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Dreadies with babies... [16 Feb 2010|04:50pm]
My daughter is five weeks old...

I have a feeling this is only the beginning...Collapse )
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sos [16 Feb 2010|09:28pm]
A few months ago I had dreadlock correction. The "master" took my last student money and did a lousy job - in one week my roots got even more fluffy and hairy. I'm still in need of fixing my roots but can't spend much money on it. I tried to fix a few of them on my own (and actually successed  =) but it's really uncomfortable to make it on myself.

So, if here is someone from Amsterdam (or around) with a similar trouble - let's help each other to dread up =)

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Hi [16 Feb 2010|09:48pm]
You all have such beutiful dreads, every single one of you, all different and with a lot of character. It make me so happy to be able to share your journeys and see dreads (and the people who have them) grow and develop.

So here is an uptade on my journey. They should be somewhere around 40 months now if i remember correctly.

Mooaar.Collapse )
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AAAAAAHHHH!! [16 Feb 2010|10:23pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

Just wanted to share a little story with my dready friends.

So, I was really into tonight's episode of Lost when (what I was certain was a rather large bug or something) brushed against my cheek.

Nope, just a dread that snaked loose from my bun and fell past my peripheral vision and brushed against my cheek.

I promise you guys a proper update (with pictures!) soon.


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My homie's 10 day old dreadies, [16 Feb 2010|11:21pm]
Chelseaaaaa. New dread head!!!
10 days old, fuck yeah.

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