February 18th, 2010


Overdue post

Sup guys. I posted last week? Week before? I dunno, but I posted recently, 1 pic and a little snippet. I have a few posts I need to make. I neglected on my 2 year timeline post, maybe I'll get around to it one day, but prob not as I'll be posting them all on here with the few posts I'll be making this month(hopefully! lmao). Maybe I'll do a big timeline from literally the last 2 years rather than just from year 1 to year 2, Like, a highlight of my dreads becoming what they are rather than chronicling one year by itself. Yes that's what I'll do. Anyways on to the post. I will entice you with these two great pics and hopefully that will make you want to view the other not so crazy, but still great pics.

DREAD BEARD! You don't see too many pics like these floatin around! First time I ever attempted it and my dreads are actually long enough to do so!
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Any Chicago/Naperville area Persons?

I am looking for someone to do some maitenance on my young, naturally formed dreads. They need some sectioning- and I just can't direct someone to do it. Either they don't want to deal with my hair (kinda curly and rebelious) or they don't know the mechanics of locked hair. Which is cool... who can blame them?

So, I would be willing to exchange monetary goodness for some hair helps... perhaps some culinary goodness?

If you are interested- please please please e-mail me: bmvjohnson@gmail.com
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Desperately Seeking Maintenance Help in Colorado Springs

Hello, GUDU.  I've checked through memories and did not see any "I'm in Colorado" listings, as it were, of folks who could help with maintanence, but I thought I'd check here and see if perhaps there are folks available who just never commented on any of the posts I found.  I'm desperate, and need help.

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I am in Manitou Springs and could travel as far as 2 hours away, or pay/barter for gas for you to travel to me.  And I would provide any and all needed materials for the maintanence.

If there is anyone in the area who could help, please contact me, it would be hugely appreciated.  Or if someone may know of someone in the area, could you pass my info to them?  I can be reached by email, heinleinfan at gmail.com.

Thank you all. 

...and dangit, I was gonna put a picture in so it wouldn't be all text and I can't find my fracken camera cord and there's a pile of dread pictures in the camera right now.  BAH!