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growth! [20 Feb 2010|02:54am]
[ mood | pleased ]

i noticed today how much my dreads have grown!

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peas n luff :]

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hello, hoi, hola.... [20 Feb 2010|09:53am]
I am coming out of the shadows.

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Brush out or cut off? Hair loss concerns [20 Feb 2010|08:04pm]
Turns out by starting dreads I've just been delaying the inevitable. I don't see the handfulls of hair falling out every day since it all gets matted in to the rest, but how thin they are at the roots is really concerning me now. The gaps between my dreads where you can see scalp is bothering me even more as well, partially due to the sectioning and that I just don't have enough hair to make dreads work in a way that I'm happy with them.

I've had issues with hair loss due to hypothyroidism for years now, its still not under control and has lately gotten worse plus my scalp is a mess. Itchy, flaky, sore most days even after trying every natural and store bought remedy out there. I'm debating on removing my 4 month old dreads to see if I can get everything sorted out a little better. The question is should I attempt to brush them out or would that liklely rip out even more hair? I really don't want to have short hair but it if will be better for my hair and scalp in the long run I'll cut them short. The length would probably be very thinned out anyway. No matter what I end up doing I'm going to give it at least another week to consider.
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