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Chop and a new hairstyle! [21 Feb 2010|11:16am]
[ mood | sneaky! ]


after the before comes the afterCollapse )

Spring is on its way!

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Justs a wee 3month update [21 Feb 2010|01:39pm]
I'm a few days shy of my 3 months of dreads, so wanted to share some pics.

Sorry about the lighting, it kept changing on me.Collapse )
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Just discovered this [21 Feb 2010|05:36pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

I just discovered this teeny-tiny curly dread today. I think it formed naturally. And I'm not sure why it's all curly like that, seeing as I have naturally straight straight straight hair.

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Have a beautiful day! <3

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[21 Feb 2010|07:39pm]
i made his dreads... look! :)
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Lots of pictures post [21 Feb 2010|07:44pm]
[ mood | full ]

Well I've not posted for a very long time so here is a few pictures, ranging from last July I think to last night...

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...edit... stupid ljcut.

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[21 Feb 2010|09:47pm]
I don't really have any new pictures, so this is kind of pointless to post haha. Procrastination, I don't want to do work!

By the way, I miss some old GUDU'ers. It's kind of a loss when certain people leave the community if they cut their hair. Anyone have any favorites they miss? Mine are fugged and libee. There's others, but I'm terrible at remembering usernames.

So this isn't completely pointless: picturesCollapse )
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