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'bout time [23 Feb 2010|02:51am]
So it's been probley over 3 years since i did a timeline, and i'm on my second set of dreads, so i should do one!

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[23 Feb 2010|10:50am]
I spent the weekend puppy sitting two very large, goofy dogs. Of course, that meant photo session...!
Heh, I know in this one it looks like I'm grabbing her muzzle, but really we were having a very nice "no kisses after you just ate kitty poop in the yard" conversation...!

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Bedazzling! [23 Feb 2010|11:11am]
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I've had these puppies for 2 1/2 years. I've dyed em, stuck them up other people's nose, had them stuck up my nose, decorated them, trimmed the sides, and then some. I have this growing collection of webcam photos that aren't too crappy so...

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