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You horseshoe crab. [24 Feb 2010|12:56am]
Today I made three of my dreads blue.
They're a bit over six months.

++bam!Collapse )

I've never had color like this in my hair and I like it.
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3 year birthday! [24 Feb 2010|07:48pm]
This week (i'm obviously not good with dates...) is my 3 year dread-iversary =]
I'd post a time line but to be honest, i don't have decent pics of my dreads because they're black..and kind of blend together in every single photo that is taken of me =[


New dread bead, that I got for my 22nd last week =]
As it was a present, sadly I can't credit the etsy store it's from as my aunty doesn't remember...
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the story of my dreads [24 Feb 2010|11:58pm]
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hi all!
my name's Katerina and here's the full history of my dreads. I got them on the 21th of January 2007. The same day I met my husbandbaer_bmp who in fact made my dreads. He's really skillful dreadmaster and now we work together (he taught me). Welcome to our community and we'll be glad if you join it.


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