February 26th, 2010

Young Germackian dreads

Hi I have have been lurking for prolly 2 years , forgot when i got my account.... Anyways idk if its my hair(im german black and indian) or the person who backcombed my dreads didnt do it enough but i have one in the front that is frustrating haha. My babies are 4 and half months i believe (started em 2 days after my b day oct 6 =D). The roots of it is seperating into two wavy/curly sections and the end is very loose. I looked in memories but im not sure what to do here. Also all we got around here is bronners.... Any awesome alternatives?

Thx for reading!! =]
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No Poo Washing Techniques

In the past I've commented a lot on how no poo methods have really helped my dreads. Since I'm off work today, I actually measured out some of the mixtures I've made after a lot of no poo research and am posting them for reference. I may even post more to it as I play around with my recipes. I'm a constant kitchen chemist. :)

And just because I say it like a broken record: I think dread washing and maintenance is a personal decision. This is by no means a definitive how-to-wash-your-hair post because everyone's body chemistry is unique and what works for me may not work for you. My hair is naturally dry but silky soft and my scalp is sensitive to what I wash it with. The following recipes are my experiences and solutions that I've come to after A LOT of experimenting. I encourage everyone to experiment freely but within reason and see what works best for them.

If you're planning on going "no poo" I found that babyslime's article has a great and easy to digest method with a FAQ about general no poo stuff. There are also other "no poo" communities on LJ and on the interwebs that are good resources.

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I hope this was helpful, I know I had some requests to post my exact measurements since my vague amounts aren't very good. Every year my grandpa tries to show me how to make turkey and dressing but he just dumps "enough" of each spice in and I have no idea how much is "enough". I can't emphasize know your dreads enough. My measurements are not in stone and if I feel I need more or less of any ingredient, I make adjustments. I want to help my silky fine hair people out there, I know its hard for us to dread so we got to stick together!

Here's a pic because I was feeling silly today:
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5 months of dready goodness.

And lots more to come! :D

I have finally experienced the difficult task of photographing the back of ones head >.< haha. I've loved every minute of my dreads, and so have most of my friends. I am really glad about the lack of comments I get about them. The only time I've had anyone say some thing was and old woman saying 'look at her hair', so I'd say I've been pretty lucky! I went into to this prepared for lots of prejudice and negative comments, but nothing so far. :) A few days ago I cleaned up lootsa loose hair that kept tangling my dreads together..not fun, but I'm glad I got it done. Anyways, on to the pictures!

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