February 28th, 2010

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community fun

do you remember how thick a ponytail your brushable hair used to make? an inch in diameter, more, less? using average-sized dreads from your head, how many would it take to recreate that thickness?

my number is seven.

Wow! Shadows Fall!

The lead singer for Shadows Fall has righteous dreads:

Also, I'm really curious about North Texas dreadies-- I'm in Dallas and I know there are at least a few here!

What's up?? :-D
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Story Time....

So, I am seeing this guy who, so far, has been a total sweet heart. Last week I open up an e-mail from him before I started my VERY early work shift that read that he has gotten "bug bites" the last 2 times we were together, and that he thinks my hair must have bed bugs in them. WTF?! He even attaches this link in his very politely put e-mail:


I immediately reply telling him that I have no bites and that I know I do not have bed bugs, as I am highly allergic to them, and even ask all of my house mates if they have bites and they do not. More e-mails and phone calls later go on for a few days and he jumps from bed bugs to scabies. Another insect I do not have, or have been exposed to. This dude has been to Big Sur hiking by the way, a fact I didn't know at the time. He goes to the free clinic and they cannot tell if it is scabies or a rash. He then tells me we should avoid skin to skin contact, and I am thinking "yeah buddy, you got it!", but I am trying to remain calm since he is being so nice about the whole thing.

The finale of the story comes like a day later when he e-mails to tell me he has poison oak! Fucking poison oak from fucking hiking around in the brush!!!! I want to rip out his brains at this point. I had been itching imaginary scratches for like a week thinking "what if I did give him something", and freaking out that my dreads might be infested, not knowing he went hiking on his trip. I guess the revenge is that he is covered in some pretty bad rashes from the oak all over his body. I am mostly pissed that the first thing his sheltered mind thought of is that it must have been my dreads that gave him bugs! I am still trying to remain calm.

Here are some pics for good measure....
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i just found this completely by accident. it's actually kind of hilarious, & kind of eye-rolling. he flat-out questions if dreads are even part of black culture, & yet is still pretty pissed that white people have 'appropriated' the style. he's also stereotyping pretty hard himself, xref deadheads & jimi fans.

two things to learn here: the terms "ja-fake-cans" & "impostafarians" are lulzworthy.

now - don't get too serious in the comments, folks. :)