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<3 [01 Mar 2010|11:01am]
[ mood | happy ]

hi all. I wanted to tell you...all of your beautiful faces and locks...really make me smile, from my heart out.

I used to post here all the time... I used to be kittypoop, if anyone remembers that =P

So, just saying thanks =D

<3 <3 <3

(and I will post pics when I get new ones...)

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Good weekend. [01 Mar 2010|11:05am]

All sorts of great. Hair by soulhaus, music, food, books, travel scenery...sigh...back to the grindstone today.


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Tools @ DHHQ [01 Mar 2010|01:11pm]
(You can take that subject line any way you wish. ;-)

DHHQ has this new tool called "Lock Dockta" (which, eerily, looks exactly like the icepicks doctors used to use for frontal lobotomies).

Seems to be basically a barbed stick that does the same job as a tiny crochet hook felting needle.

This pseudo-science part caught my eye though:

In general dreadlocks are much stronger than they need to be. If a section of dead has 400 hairs and 20 are released it still retains 95% of it's original strength. Unless you are stress testing your dreads to the point of breakage you'll never notice a 5% change in the strength of the dread.

... which doesn't take the condition or actual strength of the individual hairs into account at all, but whatever.

Sad thing is, it's being promoted as a tool for fixing "problems" like loops and zigzags and "fine hairs poking out the dreads". Sorry for the rant, but I hate the whole philosophy that the only "perfect" dreads (and the ones we're supposed to all aspire to, with the help of products of course) are totally smooth and uniform and root-rubbed to a tight death, etc. Some people like that look, and that's cool... but promoting the idea that ALL dreads are supposed to be that way in order to be "presentable" is really unfortunate. [/rant over]
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Bleaching/coloring human hair extensions [01 Mar 2010|01:52pm]
Please correct me if I should go to another community with this:

I extended my dreads around Thanksgiving with really great results. I'd like to go from the dark red I have now to pink, so obviously I'm going to need to bleach first.
I'm just wondering how differently the extended parts of my dreads will react to bleach. They're 100% human hair but it's so chemically treated...

Anyway, has anyone had any experiences with this? I checked the memories and didn't see anything yet. :s

And pictures to make this more worthwhile.Collapse )
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shameless katie-promotion [01 Mar 2010|02:21pm]
journalface was kind enough to crochet me a fucking HAWKHAT some months ago, & i'd totally forgotten to take photos for her... UNTIL NOW!

this hat has four holes crocheted into it, from forehead to nape, through which you can pull dreads. i separated mine first into five ponytails so they'd be evenly distributed.

do recall, katie's the one who made me a pigtail hat, which she will gladly make for you, too!

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seriously, if you're going to put money into a hat, hers can't be beat. they're beautifully made from really fucking lush materials - cashmere, merino, silk, lambswool - & i loved having a selection to choose from during our recent trip into four feet of east coast snow.

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Pretty much 9 months [01 Mar 2010|07:32pm]
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