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Dreads in Alaska? [02 Mar 2010|08:30am]
 So I've had my dreads for a while now and they sorely need upkeeping. I have athritis and other medical problems that leaves me unable to do too much. I live in Fairbanks Alaska and am looking for someone who could come over and clean my dreads up. I have lots of lose hairs and the roots need help. Anyone live here?
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Drunken Dreadlocks [02 Mar 2010|04:34pm]
just one pic for now, more when i have time. you are all so inspiring! :)

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Dreadspiration // Lifespiration [02 Mar 2010|06:58pm]
One of the blogs I follow posted this image and I thought it was beyond beautiful.
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Stripes [02 Mar 2010|07:40pm]
hey wonderfull dreadheads,

I was a bit bored with my dreads and did not know what to do with them, so I let my friend dye them.

They turned out too dark and it where 2 different colors of brown but I like it anyway :)


Take care!
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just 5... [02 Mar 2010|08:41pm]
8 months ago I made 6 dreadlocks at the back of my head, and they are coming along amazingly. I started them with wax. EWWW but i found this community 2 weeks later and combed them out and started over using the rip&twist method ( i find it works better than backcmbing). Then one got lost in the rest of my undreaded-unruly-curly hair. so now i have 5 and they've been knotting up pretty tight.

I've been "educating" my mom about dreadlocks. As in stereotypes and things of the sort. I dont think she'll ever love them but at least she's getting used to them, she isnt repulsed anymore. I guess. That's good because i was going to add a couple more dreads. One day i'll have a full head of dreadlocks! :D

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steampunk party! [02 Mar 2010|08:47pm]

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