March 4th, 2010

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ok so I am coming up on my three months pretty soon here. with in the next week or so, but this post is not focused on that! it is more or less I need help in deciding to use this medicated shampoo and oil I got from the dermatologist today! I have really bad scalp psoriasis and it itches so bad, and it causes horrible dandruff. All around I have tried everything from t/gel, to tee tree oil, and what not. I broke down today and went to the doctors. She gave me shampoo to use for 2 weeks, its a steroid shampoo. she also gave me this oil to put in the areas that are really bad on my scalp,then at night I have to leave it in, sleep with this shower cap on and when I wake up wash it out. I have to do that 2-3 times a week.
I checked the memories and I didn't find anything that could help me answer my question on, how do I know if this will leave an unwanted after affect from not brushing out the medication.

Should I use it? Should I take that chance? It's really bad and uncomfortable, and I refuse to brush out my dreads because of this!
I'm going crazy I need to find/do something about my scalp.

anyways any input is much appreciated! Does anyone else seem to have this problem?!

I am leaving you with some pictures!
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