March 7th, 2010

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small timeline and cry for help!

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i'm now at a year and two months, but i can't find any super recent pictures. anyway, i am in desperate need of maintenance, especially in the back. things are getting a little out of control back there, and i don't know anyone around here that i could pay to work on my dreads! i looked through the post in the memories, but it seems to be kind of outdated and a lot of those people aren't around anymore. i also want to have someone bleach and tone all of it. i want to go as light as possible, like super bleach blonde/white. i know it can be done, especially since my hair has never been dyed, only bleached, but i don't want to take on the challenge by myself!

so, if any of you would like to take on the challenge of maintenance (including some separating in the back, ugh!) and making me a blonde, please let me know! i live in west virginia, so obv i'll have to travel, but i was hoping to find someone at least kind of close so i don't have to miss a lot of work (and so i could easily revisit you in the future!). i'm usually off on the weekends, so that'd definitely be best. anyway, please let me know!
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Dreadlocks and dogs.

I work with dogs and have had to resort to wrapping my dreads everyday so that they do not smell like dog pee at the end of the week. YUCK! Today I deep cleaned my hairs with apple cider vinegar and sea salt.

Ollie's hair is constantly mingling with mine.

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Making Hair Fade

I've read through the memories and Google'd to my heart's content, so I probably know all that I can, but I suppose I was just wondering if anyone had any wonder cures for getting hair dye out. Funny enough, SFX Atomic Pink washed out fine multiple times, but the one time I use the semi-cheap stuff from Walgreen's, I'm stuck at pink permanently :( I'm planning on dying my hair dark brown soon anyway, but I wanted to try to get some of the pink out first so A) if the brown faded, gross pink wouldn't show through too, and B) if/when I choose to go blonde again, I won't bleach out the brown just to get, surprise! More pink.

I've washed with dish soap and hot water, washed with baking soda, and done a deep cleaning (which resulted in TONS of magenta water, but not much of a change on my head). The only thing I have left to try is clarifying shampoo, but I'm not even sure at this point if it's worth the money. I just want one of you to tell me that if I mix baking soda, expired pickle juice, mothballs, and an eye of a newt together, it will make it all come out :)

If not, I'll just go for the brown and deal with A) and B) when and if they come :)

Hope you all have a lovely week!