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just one for you all today! [09 Mar 2010|02:16pm]
my boyfriend and i just bought a house and we had a little photo shoot up against the crazy awesome vintage wallpaper. i really liked how my dreads looked in this one, so i thought i'd share with you all. they're starting to grow quite a bit, which i'm thrilled about! also, i have lost 22 pounds since christmas and i think this picture shows that off nicely.

hope everyone is having a lovely day! it's starting to feel like spring in texas. ahhhhh.
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[09 Mar 2010|08:18pm]
Some more peektures.
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as usual [09 Mar 2010|08:55pm]
It's been a while, but I always enjoy coming back and sifting through a bunch of posts and throwing some pictures up, hope everyone is well!!!!

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7 Months! [09 Mar 2010|09:09pm]
 It has been a CRAZY 7 months. Everything from having a baby to heart sugary. My hair has been a great journey so far and the end is no where in sight. The things I put in my hair all mean something. Almost like a scrapbook. I have a peice of the pacifier my son had in the hospital and things like that. Enjoy the pics!

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26 months [09 Mar 2010|11:00pm]
Growth!   The current length:
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