March 10th, 2010

Dread "Butta"

Getting this started, YES I HAVE SCOURED THE MEMORIES! I found one or two posts in general but nothing in specific to what I'm looking for.
I found lots on Wax/Dread Peppa/Lock Accelerator, but nothing on "butta".
My hair is 3.5 years old, just for reference.
So for Xmas, my mother, the sweetheart, wanted to get me dread stuff, thinking along the lines of But me, the absent minded, forgot to send her the link. SO instead she typed "Dreadlock" into google and came up with DreadHeadHQ. Yea.
I ended up with a huge box of Shampoo, dread accelerator, lock peppa, and dread butta. The shampoo is actually decent, I prefer bar but free shampoo is free shampoo. The lock pepper stuff is in the trash, the dread accelerator sure will come in handy when I dump it out and use the spray bottle for salt water, and thankfully she didn't get me wax.
But I was looking at the dread butter the other day and it got me thinking.
I'm pretty sure I don't want to use it in my hair. I just get that feeling. It smells awfully nice, though. I think it's probably just Shea Butter.
I have a problem with dry hair. Bleached, dyed, the works. I have it all one colour now, never dying it again, but I'd sure like to put some moisture in there. It's not SUPER bad, I think I'm just paranoid about breaking dreads--I get little broken pieces of hair falling out all the time. I know I can't FIX this, but maybe I can PREVENT it by getting some moisture in there. This is what the dread butter claims to do. I also have a ion protein wash for my hair, but I tried that before and it didn't do a heck of a lot.
Has anyone used dread butter before? Is it as bad as I'm thinking?
Does anyone have any other recommendations for solving dry dreads? They aren't super bad, I'm just scared that the hair is weak and will break if I'm not careful. I have checked the memories on this and came up with Shea Butter--and if dread butter seems just like Shea would probably be ok? My locks are 3.5 years, so I'm not worried about conditioning them harboring their development.

Thanks guys!

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you've seen the first four before, but boy has the collection grown since... here are nearly two dozen pictures of gorthok flaunting his great love of absorbing books via osmosis.

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the last three are from tonight - he's in the bedroom sleeping READING right now. hopefully i won't be too tickled to death when he awakens to find this post. :D