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New Dreadlock Accessory! [11 Mar 2010|04:08am]
Hey guys, I've been super busy with my website lately & not hanging out here nearly enough. I run a sweepstakes & reviews blog where I have contests for things. Recently, I came across a product that I wanted to use to decorate my dreads. If you're interested at all, check out the cut...trying to not be spammy!

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My son [11 Mar 2010|01:53pm]
I know I just posed a few days ago, but I wanted to show off my baby son. Also, I found a few more photos I wanted to share with ya'll. 

Job Marcus Frost
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Dreads at 32 months ....Photo dump!! [11 Mar 2010|08:30pm]
Just call me star child...

It's great seeing my dreads grow, change colour, smoothen and generally...grow up! I really must do time line...
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Dreads, music, and TAKING ACTION AGAINST SLAVERY! [11 Mar 2010|09:59pm]
There's a lovely dread mama on American Idol this year!
This video doesn't showcase it, but she also plays a mean harmonica.


On another note, I went to a Victor Wooten groove workshop on Monday... he is QUITE incredible and QUITE dreadlocked. I was close enough to snap this shot! He's a very cool guy. Little did I know that when I went, I'd be learning just as much about life as I did about music.

(click to enlarge)
And a few pictures under the cut...
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[11 Mar 2010|10:06pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So i finally made the decision to dread my hair. After many years of wanting them, i finally felt like the time was right to get them. I've had many recent changes in my life - the dreadlocks feel like a new and exciting chapter!
Thankfully my beautiful boyfriend agreed to do them for me. It took 15 hours over 3 days and it was very worth it!! There are 22 of the darlings. They are now 3 days old and i am so happy with them.
Hope you guys like them as much as i do :)

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