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To dread, or not to dread... [12 Mar 2010|12:06am]
That is the question!
Mystery ensues..Collapse )
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curiosity: dish soap? [12 Mar 2010|04:40am]
I vaguely remember once reading that folks used dishsoap to get wax out of dreads... I can't find the entry in the memories; I don't even know if I read it in the memories.

Anyways. Washing dreads with dishsoap [occasionally/in dire situations].
Yay, nay? Why?
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Hello, Hello. [12 Mar 2010|10:07am]
Long time no post. At least it feels like forever since I have even logged on to LJ. Anyway, I had my babe 17 days ago. A little girl named Adelaide Juliet. Here are a few recent photos. ♥

Last photo before having her - 40 weeks here, she was born at 40w5d.

Homebirth - SFW and BabyCollapse )

I combed out the two itty bitty (I'm talking lollipop stick sized) dreads above my temples because I'm growing my bangs out. Getting a little tired of the straight across bangs. Now I'm hunting for another tiny dread in there somewhere that I can combine with a neighbor so I can have 89 dreads, my second favorite number. ;)
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2 year timeline! [12 Mar 2010|11:00am]
My second dreadiversary was March 1. I didn't really celebrate, but that's ok. Many more to come, right?

long-ass timeline hereCollapse )
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Its been too long [12 Mar 2010|12:37pm]
Theres been a crapload of things Ive been wanting to post but I've either been to lazy to upload the pictures on photobucket, or Im so busy that I dont even have time to think. But as I was looking through all the posts today (its really slow at work) I thought, "Okay its time for an update"
Okay lets see....

Dont say I didnt warn you. Its picture heavy! Collapse )
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where can i get my dreads! help! =) [12 Mar 2010|03:46pm]
okay, first thing, I'd like to apologize for this post coz there's probably another one like this in the memories, but im a newbie, i breezed through it real quick and i couldn't find it, so with that aside can anybody please help me find somebody who can dread my hair, im in vegas and the only place i know that does dreadlocks are the salons and they're freak'n expensive. =(

note: this is my first time ever trying dreadlocks, so tips and suggestions are more than welcome! thanks!
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memories/mod post [12 Mar 2010|11:00pm]
oh hi! i started a new category in the memories for annoying noob posts. go ahead & link me to all your recent favorites so i can go back & add them. this gives us all yet another place to point at & say, OH HEY, LOOK HOW LITTLE YOU READ THE MEMORIES. YOU SHOULD GO READ THEM MORE.

i expect someone to find me whatsherface who irritated the whole damned comm & then flounced, i cannot bear to go hunt it down myself.

remember kids: http://tinyurl.com/gudumems is your friend! & for noobs, your only friend. :D
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