March 14th, 2010


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 One year ago today my mother passed away. I was 24 and she was only 47. Weeks away from 48 and so close to Mother's Day. She was a cancer survivor but the treatment, in the end, killed her. As a child all the radiation and medication she got built up in her body and over time caused it to shut down. My whole family was there at her side as she slipped into a coma and passed away in her sleep. Three days before, I combed out my nearly year old set of dreads. I did not do it because she disliked my dreads. I did it because of how much she loved my brushable hair. I wanted her to have that one last time. I left it undreaded for a while. Three months later I had it cut for my wedding. Which, sadly, she only saw from Heaven. Almost three months after that, on my Husbands birthday, I redreaded my hair. It took all twelve hours of his workday and a box of tissues for my tears. I was crying for my mother and for all like her. I now have a dread dedicated to her. All my dreads mean something to me. A path, a journey, a passing of time. Ever trinket in my hair has some special importance. Every wrap. bead, and peice of my son's hospital pasifier. I do now see this dread journey coming to an end anytime soon. And on this the one year anniversiery of my mother's death, I look back and see  how much not only my hair has grown, but how much I have as well.
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OCHO cinco

It's been 8 months. 8 crazy (well, relatively boring, but doesn't crazy sound more interesting?) months. I have never been happier with my hair in as long as I can remember. People always ask me "how long do you plan on keeping your dreads?" And I always tell them "as long as I want them." I hate no set date for when I shall discontinue these wonderful knots. Just gonna cruise on, and see where life takes me and my hair. Although I do want them to grow, grow, grow! I've had short hair since 8th grade, and I was just beginning to grow out my hair out before I dreaded 'em. It sorta felt like I took a step back because of the shrinkage, but goodness were they worth it. 4 months and it'll be a year! Oh boy!

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That's it for now all my dreaded fellas and gals. I need to get some shut eye for escuela tomorrow.
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