March 17th, 2010

pink pink pink

I bought new pink lipstick yesterday and I'm loving it!! 

I was having a really good day and feeling all womanly and sexy and rawwwr... I hardly have those days anymore. Just thought Id share :) (slighty nsfw)

Btw My hair is one year and 3 months :) and I am almost 24 in 3 days! YIKESSS!
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This is england


So I thought that I wanted to get rid of the dreads. 
I love them so much. They weren't however, making me happy anymore. They used to give me confidence and I was always the one that stood out and 'just didn't care'.
But recently, I just, for once, want to look 'normal' and 'pretty'.

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extending manda's dreads!

i had the pleasure of extending the lovely tastelesssoda's dreads the other day! she had a fat braid of hair cut off from her special lady friend's head that i used to create the extensions. since she has some dreads on the underside that are still forming, we chose to wait to extend her entire head, but got a good chunk of work done. the extensions will tighten with washes and the sizes should match up well.

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