March 22nd, 2010


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Here's a question that's probably been asked before. How'd you start your dreads (or, what's your favorite starting method)?

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What is your favorite method of starting dreads? Check all that apply
Two strand twist
Three strand twist
Back combing
Comb coils
Starting from braids
Rip and twist
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Blue Haired Girl


Tomorrow is the four month mark for me.
As time has gone by, and I've gone through much trial and error, I eventually, about 2 months in, decided to stop crocheting my dreads, and started only palmrolling and clockwise rubbing the roots as my form of maintenance.
Before this, my dreads were incredibly round and neat for being only 2 months old.
Although I've definitely noticed my roots are dreading up amazingly for most of them, I've also noticed that my hair seems to be falling apart. My dreads are becoming very loose in some places, and the amount of loops I have is ridiculous.
..But at the same time my hair still seems to be dreading.
It's weird, & I'm not the best at explaining things.  [ I haz pictures below. =D ]

I guess what I'm basically trying to ask is, if you were to begin your dreads with intense crochet maintenance, and then were stop, and begin palmrolling, would it be normal for your dreads to sort of "regress" back to a "more dreadable state" and then begin dreading again? 

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EDIT: Is there anyone in the Atlanta area willing to help out with some maintenance?

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Hello everybody!
I'm a dreadhead from Germany and wanted to say hello to all the beautiful people here. It's great to see so many different kind of dreads.

Stay beautiful! :)

And sorry if I made writing mistakes.
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BW Dreads

Restless Dread Syndrome

Yesterday I got a really strong urge to trim my longer dreads to the length of the ones on the top layer of my hair. The ones on top have matured doubly as fast and shrank to a length just past my chin. The ones underneath and in the back.. not so much. I'm waiting anxiously hoping the rest of them will shrink up, too. In the meantime, I quieted the trimming urge by rounding the tips on my ten almost-two-years-old dreads (the rest of my head will be a year old May 11th). While I love the wispy ends of the rest of my dreads, I'm digging the little round nubs. For now. :)

Surprise kitty

Dreads becoming fatter-on their own??

Is it all possible for dreads to get fatter with time rather then combining them? I keep mine nice and seperated at the roots, and I havnt combined any, etc, but for some reason, they seem bigger to me now. And yes, I checked the memories, if I managed to miss it, please direct me :) Anyway, as they say, the proof is in the pictures.
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Turkey :)

Hi!  I am living in Turkey now, but will be moving to Wisconsin in June.  (I'll be in the DC area for a couple of weeks before WI)

I reallllly want to get dreads, but my hair is really really incredibly thin.  A nice mama said it is still possible though!  Anyone have any pointers for me, or anyone in the areas I mentioned that could help me out?  :)