March 23rd, 2010

kitty in a basket

considering dreading again

startin to really have to fight the tangles. now the question is whether i let it go now or condition it till it gets really long...hrm. can't really see my hair in this one oh well. still haven't figured out the dandruff thing. i'm lazy.

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Hey Guys :)
Got some questions im hoping you can help with! I have looked in memories, but cant find anything that helps too much.
My boyfriend had a full set of dreads for about 2 years. He got a haircut about a year ago and now has just 10, but the bases of those remaining dreads have started to thin quite alot and are even starting to snap. Is there anything that can be done to thicken up the bases?
He also wants to dread all of his hair again. It's finally getting some length to it again. We're thinking another 6 months of growth would be enough? Some picture refrences are below! :) Also some pictures of mine, which are now 2 weeks old :)

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introductions are in order

Hey dreaded folks!

I'm a long-time lurker and memories-scourer who finally decided to go legit. My name is Nikki, I'm from New Orleans, and I'm almost a year into my second set of dreadies.

In the words of Michael Scott on the most recent episode of The Office, "I look forward to our professional relationship."


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I trimmed quite a few of them too, as well as having to split a few down the middle.
The short one at the front is actually the bottom part of one I removed sewn onto one of the ones I had to split.

My boyfriend shaved it pretty much right down as he didn't have any attachments for his hair clippers. I think I'll definitely like it better when it starts to grow out a bit. Also I think I might've taken too many from the back, so I may reattach a few when the hair does grow out. The hairline just seems a bit too far away from the ear etc.. I think it'll sit much nicer with a few extra added along the edge (so that it looks a bit more like the first pic, which I just added some brown contrast to, to make it look a bit more like the hair had grown out). There's also loads of loose hair left at the hairline I can probably reattach some to. Ahh, the versatility of dreadlocks! :)

I'm also toying with the idea of shaving a smaller section on the other side, but we'll see. ust getting kinda tired of my glasses catching on the dreads beside my ears.

It is really so much lighter and airier, and will be a lot cooler for Summer I'd imagine.