March 25th, 2010

BW Dreads

Rounded Tips

Well, I decided to go ahead and round the rest of my tips after doing a few. Lost about 1-3 inches of length depending on the size and maturity of the dread. I'm expecting the "Is that your real hair?" questions to increase because they look less natural this way to me.

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Hello Everyone! I'd like to ask ALL of you a question...

I'm in Communications 200 at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. We are giving Persuasive speeches in about two weeks. Guess what I decided to do mine on!? Guessed? "Dreadlocks are the most beautiful hairstyle." I mean I know it is a lifestyle also, but I have to be less broad. =(
Anyhoo, on to my question. Is anyone okay with me printing out a few photos and putting it on a poster? I will give you full credit and everything. I'm asking because sometimes I see people with stuff all over there posters and I wonder if they even asked. I will only print photos of people who are okay with this. Thank you so much. I'll even have an old dreadlocked me on there.
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oh shit, it's gudu's birthday!

Created on 2002-03-25 17:52:34 (#506378), last updated 2010-03-25

this appears to be gudu's hilarious first post, but it's easy to see that lots of people can't read a calendar.

here's to eight years of community love & dreadiness! were any of you here when the community was less than a year old?

wonky, forking stupid dread. also, timeline!

 Ok so I've got a rogue dread.
(hi, by the way, i'm a quiet little lurker)
It lives behind my ear so that explains its VERY bent nature despite palmrolling, but it's starting to fork at the roots, and it makes it stick out in a weird floppy way that's hard to describe and pretty annoying and silly looking...
I've checked the memories and stuff but i couldnt see anything and theyve always helped me in the past...
My housemate who made them recommended splitting it down the fork but i want them to be as fat as possible and it used to be two puny wee dreads before i merged them aaages ago.
here's a pic.

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Trent and Kay

so! it's been quite a while...

whoops. bayimg seems to have gotten rid of the photos i hosted there. SERVES ME RIGHT for trusting a third-party host. it has been fixed. also, i got some of the timeline wrong so i fixed that too.

hey! i haven't posted in here in like..three? years.

short recap:

- i cut my first set off for a job. NEVER FUCKING AGAIN. ugh. worst decision of my life.
- pencil_dharma gave me my second set! but i was her guinea pig, so i had to redo a lot of them. plus my hair was thinning out a bit when it was done, so my second set looks a LOT different.
- i gave ^ HER second set of dreads! she takes great care of them and i've been doing fairly regular maintenance on hers so they look quite clean.
(you can see pencil_dharma 's introductory post here)

oh, right. so, here's what i look like now (yes, the rubber bands around my fingers are the kind i use for dreading. this was in the middle of nik (pencil_dharma) and i dreading a friend's hair):
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