March 26th, 2010


Circa 5 months and some changes

Well it's been forever since I posted anything here so, to celebrate my 5 months (a little early :P), I'm posting some pics. ^___^ Yay!

Actually that's kind of a lie, it didn't even occur to me about the date until I decided to post. In actuality I'm giving a little photo show of me separating a few of my dreads in order to fill out some empty spaces and get more volume going.

Warning: lots of pics under cut!

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Rabbit Ears For Better Reception

Yes I just posted, but I feel this deserves it's own entry. :D

I separated a number of other locks to achieve a little more size consistency and in the process I decided that I really really really like how two split dreads looked like little swings when only connected at the tips.

So.... I left two like that.

And made myself floppy bunny ears:



What a low blow...

My brother is getting married in October. I haven't heard anything about getting sized for a dress, so I threw him a text asking him how he was and what's up with the wedding. He sends me a reply telling me he would like me to be a "reader" at the wedding, which I'm fine with and all, but...

I was a bridesmaid in my half-brother's wedding, and I figured I would be the same for my "full" brother. His fiance is quite conservative, and I can't help but think he gave in to her wishes for her perfect fairytale wedding... dreadlock free. I guess I'd spoil the pictures with my crazy, ugly hair... right?

I wonder if he even put up a fight. I feel, as his ONLY sister, I should be a bridesmaid.

I'm just shocked and crushed. I'm freaking shaking right now.

And then, to top it off, I text my younger brother asking his role- best man. I mention the dreadlock thing, and my younger brother tells me, "Lol. Well, that's all the more reason I wouldn't have dreads..." I fired back, "I love my hair. This is ME."

I'll be a reader, and I'll be ecstatic doing it... but.... =(

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Thanks for listening, ya'll. I had to vent, and I know you all would understand.

Update 03/28: Originally, I was to be a bridesmaid, which prompted my initial text. Apparently there were a couple other reasons in addition to the dreads that caused the change in my role. It was admitted to me that they should have talked to me first before assuming things and changing my role. So, after a 40 minute conversation, all the kinks have been smoothed out, and I'm back to being a bridesmaid for their wedding. I told them I want to/ will be whatever they wish me to be for their wedding, so she wasn't pressured! Everyone is happy and excited! Thanks to you all for your responses. <3
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